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Lose weight

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LOSE WEIGHT The Alternative Weigh: Weight Release Program Gives you the POWER to CHANGE your Mind and your Body. If you have experienced the insanity of out of control eating-then this is the program designed for you! Take control of your LIFE by taking Control over food. Curb your cravings Rev up your metabolism Boost your confidence Supercharge your motivation… Read more »

Hypno-Gastric Reduction for Weight Loss


Introducing a NEW breakthrough added to my weight loss hypnosis techniques: Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ is a revolutionary and innovative technique to help people lose those extra pounds. It uses clinical hypnosis designed to safely replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of potential serious side effects that invasive weight loss surgery can bring. Although this… Read more »

Unlimited Body

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Do you realize that your thoughts profoundly affect your physiology? In this Podcast I will be interviewing Dick Belair about “Unlimited Body,” a healing approach that views the body, not as a physical object with a limited set of possibilities to maintain or create health, but as permeated with spirit substance that is endowed with the miraculous power that creates life… Read more »

New Year to RENEW your Life Vision

What changes are important to you? Lose weight, stop smoking and make more money are the typical changes or resolutions people want to make. How about the bigger picture? What new life vision do you wish to embrace? In this episode, I will help you to follow your life path on purpose.      

Effective Weight Loss: The Seven Secret Keys

As a hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction coach,  a good percentage of my clients come to me for help in releasing extra weight. This episode highlights my “Seven Secret Keys” to effective weight loss using several principles from the Law of Attraction. These 7 Keys in conjunction with hypnotherapy are the core elements of  my highly acclaimed “Alternative Weigh” program… Read more »

Holiday Overeating Blues

Don’t get the blues over Holiday Eating! In this episode,  Addie and Rich will discuss tips and strategies to avoid the Holiday “Gift of Weight Gain” while still enjoying the season with friends and family.  Discover effective techniques to help manage  stress, tempting foods and “cranky relatives.” Holiday CHEERS!      

Weight Loss and The Intuitive Body

Weight Issues don’t have to be a problem any longer. Lisa Claudia Briggs is a licensed therapist who treats eating disorders she provides insight from her perspective. Her website and blog offers love and support. Feel free to peruse her site at