Hypno-Gastric Reduction for Weight Loss

Introducing a NEW breakthrough added to my weight loss hypnosis techniques:

Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ is a revolutionary and innovative technique to help people lose those extra pounds. It uses clinical hypnosis designed to safely replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of potential serious side effects that invasive weight loss surgery can bring. Although this approach initially was introduced in Europe  and has become the weight loss phenomenon over there, Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ was refined and enhanced by Board Certified Hypnotherapist,  Addie Kania.

This specially designed CD is in two parts: Track One is a mini but comprehensive lecture on establishing effective weight loss strategies and creating an positive weight loss mindset for Hypno-Gastric Reduction hypnosis. Track Two is the actual Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ hypnotherapy session that Addie uses with my private clients. This CD is in no way meant to replace any advice, medication or treatment plan given or suggested to you by your physician.

Read my whole article including ordering information in my recent press Release:

My exclusive “Hypno-Gastric Reduction™” technique uses safe and effective hypnosis as an alternative to simulate risky, invasive and  expensive gastric reduction surgery. Read all about it in my Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ Press Release.

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