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Addie Kania, HypnotherapistAddie is a Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist and faculty member of the internationally recognized National Guild of Hypnotists/Hypnotherapists.

In 2014 she was inducted into the prestigious “Order of the Braid”

As a practicing Buddhist for over 40 years, as needed, she incorporates energy therapies such as Mindfulness, E.F.T. (emotional freedom techniques). She is certified in Tong Ren Therapy, and an intuitive reader of the symbolism of the Tarot.
No matter what the issue, from weight loss to stress reduction to motivation to change—“When you change your mind at a deep level—you change your life!”


She holds a “sacred space” for her clients so that they may transform and unfold the best and highest version of their true authentic self! “When you transform your self—you can assist in transforming the world!”

  • A faculty member for the National Guild of Hypnotist/Hypnotherapists an internationally recognized organization and presents her program on Weight Loss to an international audience. and has been featured in print, Boston radio and cable TV.
  • Addie has written an eBook “Re-Visioning Weight Release—Stepping into your “Light” Body, and created Hypnosis CDfor Weight Release, Releasing Smoking, Stress Release, Sleep Serenity and other wellness CD’s. available in Addie’s Store

Addie is also an addiction counselor who specializes in emotional eating, and smoking cessation. In partnership with her husband Richard Kania, an experienced Licensed Addiction Counselor, they have created a Relapse Prevention Program: SoberSerenity.com that addresses the need for self-empowerment, and skill building techniques to stay clean and sober.

“As a hypnotherapist it is my intention to facilitate my clients more fully into who they authentically are, and empowering them to make positive and sustainable changes from within. The journey of wellness is a lifelong journey of learning, understanding and insights that comes forth from learning to integrate the lessons of our “holistic” parts of our selves: mind, body and spirit while living in relationship to others and our world. I invite you to release what no longer serves you whether it be excess weight, the chains of the life-threatening addiction of smoking, or the negative self talk that imprisons your healthy self esteem and the light of your spirit—and embrace your go(o)d life.”

You can Transform yourself through Hypnosis. Learn to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to work consciously with your intentions for living your best life—empowering yourself to finally live the change you want to be!

For a Private Phone Consultation about your specific needs…
Contact Addie Kania at akania123@aol.com

978-374-9572 ~ Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.


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  1. Shelle

    Hi Addie!

    I was in your class this evening (the nurse) and I just wanted to express my gratitude for meeting you. I somehow think you will play a very helpful role in my life and growth. I look forward to our next meeting.


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