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Breathe Free!…Freedom from Smoking!

Kick Butt – Quit Smoking! Have you given up trying because you have tried everything… the “Butt” stops here!  Did you know that  a recent hospital study reveals that hypnosis is as effective as gum? And it is 3x more effective than the nicotine patch! To quit smoking is a journey of recovery.

  • As an addictions counselor, I know how addictive and insidious the smoking addiction (6 times more than alcohol) and how hard of a habit is to kick!
  • A “kick-butt” winning combo is Hypnosis and “Skill-Power” not “will-power” to Stop Smoking. Let me help you to become Smoke-Free.

Additional Resources to Quit Smoking:
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  • Addie’s specially created hypnosis session called BREATHE FREE on CD or MP3 downloads are also available!
  • In this self-help podcast, Addie amp; Rich Kania, Addiction Specialists amp; hypnotherapists will teach how you too can stop smoking. You will learn how to effectively apply the “Three-Headed Dragon” method to achieve Freedom from the addiction to Nicotine once and for all.

For a Private Phone Consultation about your specific needs…
Contact Addie at – akania123@aol.com
978-374-9572 ~ Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

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