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REDUCE STRESS with Hypnosis I can teach you how Hypnosis can effectively help you reduce stress and anxiety. In my self-help hypnosis program, I can help you to Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit, Experience Deep, Healing Relaxation and Effective Stress Reduction.


FACT: 70% of all doctor visits are due to stress related illness. Stress ages an individual dramatically and drains your energy while it increases body fat and compromises the immune system.

As the world seems more and more in turmoil, one of the questions frequently heard is “How is it possible to stay centered and unafraid?”  Even prior to September 11, the Globe and Mail Newspaper reported that in the past 30 years stress has increased in our daily life by 45%. As people are looking for answers they are discovering the benefits of some of the more ancient arts, like meditation and self-hypnosis. The conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time,” explains Addie, “so when the mind is focused on the breath, it has the effect of letting go of the stressful thoughts that normally occupy the mind.  When we focus inwardly, letting go of the outward focus, our body immediately relaxes.” Additional proven benefits of self hypnosis or meditation are the ability to learn to focus – ideal for students or anyone who is feeling fractured.  In addition, self-hypnosis can help lower blood pressure and tension, help with negative eating patterns and enhance a healthy night’s sleep.

Learn to “De-Stress” through innovative visualization and relaxation techniques. Experience the empowerment of Self-Hypnosis and the SECRET of the “Power Word” to regain control of your mind and body. Addie’s SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE weight loss session has been used by individual clients right up to large corporate groups, such as Whittier Rehab Hospital and the employees of BankNorth.

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