Dear Addie,
Just wanted to give you a little update,and wish you the best for the holidays.
I have not smoked for a whole
month now and this Thanksgiving I will also be thankful for meeting you and for
the help you have given me- a former smoker for nearly 50 years.
best wishes and love.


The last time I went to weigh in at one of those franchised weight loss programs, I cried. My day was ruined, my self-esteem plummeted. Addie, thank you again for your program. Not only do I have my self-esteem back again, but also I am seeing results!

Dot N.

Haverhill MA

Working with Addie Kania... Within each of us is a sacred garden--perfect in every way. A place where beauty, proportion, balance, wholeness, harmony and deep peace exist. But outwardly we live in a world that casts a shroud over much, if not all, of these times, hiding this garden from our seeing, feeling, being.

Addie Kania's gift is to help us locate and re-visit this inner garden, to cultivate it and to dwell in it. When we do, our addictions are less attractive to us and we find will, strength, courage, love to overcome them. I know this sounds simplistic and too good to be true. But the Authentic Self has been Divinely engineered to make and keep us safe and lovely in the midst of all tumult. We were made to grow and to love. We may develop self-destructive habits to the extent that they pour over and harm others, but ultimately we are all made for Love and Growth and Beauty and Wholeness.

The answer is always within and never without. Addie leads us deep within where the very answers to any of our personal struggles and shows us how we lead from within rather than from without. Her own authenticity of living is itself a role model for each of her clients as to how this can work.


Newburyport MA

I've gone to every weight loss program out there and have spent tons of money for both programs and all the gimmicks they had to sell me. Your healing approach is so different. Now, I'm more aware of what I'm eating and why. This was my key to finally achieving permanent weight loss!

Emma M.

Lynnfield MA

In 2004 my life changed in ways I did not know how to handle. I stopped smoking... I started menopause and the weight continued to add up. I gained 80 pounds in 5 years. I read every diet book, joined weight watchers and joined Curves... I just couldn't get motivated and nothing seemed to be working so I just decided to come to terms that I would spend the rest of my adult life overweight and miserable, until my husband told be how much she had helped his employer with her weight loss struggles. Addie with her warm and comforting ways actually makes you want to achieve your goal. Her program is a winner! I continue to listen to her CD and it gives me the motivation I need to keep striving.To date I have lost 10 pounds and still going. Thank you Addie!

J. Stevens

Methuen MA

I couldn't have made the progress without you. Thank you so much!

Carol L.

Newport RI

My body image was distorted and totally disoriented... Thank you for giving me the awareness that I needed to like my body and to trim it down sensibly!

B. Bono

Wenham MA

Just wanted to drop a line and say that Addie's program is a winner. I have tried it all. If it came in a can, bottle or box, I tried it and failed. I started out at 360+ pounds (the scale could only estimate after this point) in July 2001. As I write this letter, it is March 21st, 2002. I now weigh 247 pounds. With the confidence and support from Addie and the self-education I have been doing on body building/fitness nutrition, I can honestly say a good portion of that weight is now muscle. I plan to be at 215 by year's end. If anyone is looking for a point in the right direction here it is. Support + Education + Determination = A Much Happier You!


Methuen MA

Simple words cannot express my gratitude for the impact you have made on my life. Since my first visit, I have become more aware of what I am eating(or not eating as the case may be) and have taken control of my health. Hypnosis has inspired me to make myself a healthier person, a more positive person and eventually resulting in a thinner person. The deep breathing has enabled me to relax and revitalize and sleep much better. You have set in motion a process that soothes the mind, boosted my energy levels ans dramatically increased my confidence and optimism, for that I thank you!

B. Adams

North Andover MA

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. D.K.

    This whole business of attracting things is very simple and very effective. I had something I wanted, move out of my parents place, get my dream job (modeling), and figure out how to get things I want by thinking about it. She can’t figure this stuff out for you. She seems like she’s already got it down.

    It’s been one year since my FIRST and ONLY session of hypnosis. I practiced her advice, got my job modeling, and moved into the city.

    Now I have new goals, and I know who I’m going to for help with them.
    Thanks Addie. Keep up the good work, I know you will.

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