What is Hypnosis

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What is Hypnosis? Is it the real “Scary Movie!” When you think about this question, do images of the old Bella Lugosi movies come to mind where he renders his poor victims into a zombie like state—or do the thoughts of mind control flash through your mind associated with the evil intended conspiracy “planted” in the mind of the Manchurian… Read more »

Lose weight

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LOSE WEIGHT The Alternative Weigh: Weight Release Program Gives you the POWER to CHANGE your Mind and your Body. If you have experienced the insanity of out of control eating-then this is the program designed for you! Take control of your LIFE by taking Control over food. Curb your cravings Rev up your metabolism Boost your confidence Supercharge your motivation… Read more »

Hypno-Gastric Reduction for Weight Loss


Introducing a NEW breakthrough added to my weight loss hypnosis techniques: Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ is a revolutionary and innovative technique to help people lose those extra pounds. It uses clinical hypnosis designed to safely replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of potential serious side effects that invasive weight loss surgery can bring. Although this… Read more »

Quit Smoking

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Breathe Free!…Freedom from Smoking! Kick Butt – Quit Smoking! Have you given up trying because you have tried everything… the “Butt” stops here!  Did you know that  a recent hospital study reveals that hypnosis is as effective as gum? And it is 3x more effective than the nicotine patch! To quit smoking is a journey of recovery. As an addictions… Read more »

Finding a Good Night Sleep


How is your sleep… Or lack of it? We are living in during a National Epidemic of Sleep Deprivation. Did you know that the lack of a good night’s sleep can actually result in weight gain, heart disease, type II diabetes, pre-mature aging, anxiety, depression, decline in mental functioning and the suppression of the immune system? Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Life… Read more »

Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regression: A Key to Understand your Present Life! Exploring your past life experience through hypnosis is an invaluable tool for self-exploration and personal growth. This session is an overview of concepts of Re-incarnation amp; Karma and how they operate in your life….and how “Now” is where you can create a better present and future. This 20 minute podcast… Read more »

De-Stress for the Holidays

Are you caught in the Holly-Daze? Dispel Holiday myths and change “Scrooge” Moments into GRATITUDE! For the next 12 minutes enjoy the 4 strategies that will help insure that your Holidays are more fulfilled with the spirit of Love, Tolerance, Inner Peace and Joy! For a Private Phone Consultation about your specific needs… Contact Addie Kania at akania123@aol.com 978-374-9572 ~… Read more »

Wellness Celebration

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Celebrating Wellness and the special people that inspired me. When I was asked to be a Keynote Speaker at the Annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day at a local medical center, I almost said no…Until I heard it was a day of Celebration and Encouragement. Well I said YES. See how a Shift in  Attitude and Energy can change your life. Tune… Read more »

Hypnosis can be the answer to many things, especially weight loss and addiction


From The Haverhill Gazette: January 13, 2005 on Seminar Conducted at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital By Jean Mac-Dougall-Tattan Haverhill Gazette Staff Whenever you have a thought, your body is eavesdropping. If you think something bad is going to happen, the body tenses. If you picture yourself vacationing on a warm tropical beach, the body relaxes. Any thoughts people have trigger a… Read more »

Your eyes get heavy. . . your body gets lighter

Mike - After

From The Lawrence Eagle Tribune: Monday, May 13, 2002 By Rosemary Ford Eagle-Tribune Writer About a year ago, Michael Couture was at the end of his rope when it came to losing weight. He tried everything from Slim Fast to prescription diet pills, always regaining the few pounds he took off. Today, he’s at the end of his belt. The… Read more »