The Alternative Weigh

The Alternative Weigh: Weight Release Program

Gives you the POWER to CHANGE your Mind and your Body. If you have experienced the insanity of out of control eating-then this is the program designed for you!

The Alternative Weigh, as Addie coins it: is a “Hypno-behavioral” program that incorporates weight loss counseling combined with Hypnosis to help you lose weight, feel great and release the attractive healthy you beneath the pounds.  *University of Connecticut research sites that Hypnosis can double your weight loss success! What are you “weighting” for?

Take control of your LIFE by taking Control over food.

Curb your cravings
Rev up your metabolism
Boost your confidence
Supercharge your motivation

Mend your relationship with food and your body ONCE and for ALL!

FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! If you are SICK and TIRED of GROUPS and EMBARRASSING weigh ins? Addie’s Alternative Weigh is NOT a diet but a mind/body set of healing attitudes, coping skills and strategies that make effective WEIGHT RELEASE and long-term WEIGHT CONTROL a reality for life.

  • Session One: Mending your relationship with food. You will learn to reestablish an appropriate relationship with food. Free yourself from rigid, obsessive and compulsive “diet thinking” by eating “normal” foods in everyday settings. Learn positive mind-set techniques to create change, restore confidence and increase self-esteem.
  • Session Two: Pay Attention. You will become acutely aware of the unconscious aspects of your eating behavior. We will teach you to practice “Mindful Eating” and introduce you cognitive/behavioral techniques to identify and disarm your eating “triggers.” You will also be motivated to increase your physical activity by turning workouts into “play-outs.”
  • Session Three: Emotional Eating. Most often, inappropriate eating behavior is a reaction to an emotional component such as anxiety, stress, boredom, anger, loneliness or frustration. It’s not what you are eating; it’s what is eating you. You will experience proven hypno-therapeutic techniques for self-discovery, clearing and self-healing.
  • Session Four: Positive Choices. Tying it all together: living and eating in the real world. Enhanced positive imagery and sub-conscious suggestions are used to overcome slips, plateaus or periods of discouragement.

SPECIAL NOTE: With all of the concerns about OBESITY in our youth, the “Alternative Weigh” is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE approach to pediatric and adolescent weigh loss.

Additional Resources for Weight Loss:

  • NEW E-Book “Re-Visioning for Weight Release” is now available for download!
  • Addie’s specially created hypnosis session on CD or MP3 downloads are also available!

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